Regular timetable change going to be valid as of Sunday 14 June


The Railway Infrastructure Administration prepared as of Sunday 14 June 2015 a regular change of the passenger transport timetable for more than sixty railway lines with regular operation and for several others operated by nostalgic and excursion trains. All exceptional 2015 timetable changes published up to now are also included in this regular change. Al adaptations are based on requirements from respective transport operators and administrative regions.

The following important long-distance transport changes occur within this timetable change:

  • Instead of going to Bohumín, trains 513/514 Sprinter newly take the route Praha – Ostrava-Svinov – Opava východ under a new name Opava and ensure the fastest connection on this route.
  • The train 601 Chomutov – Praha Masarykovo nádraží (Prague Masaryk Station) newly starts its journey at Kadaň-Prunéřov already.
  • The RegioJet transport operator introduced new night trains 1019/1018 Praha – Košice – Praha with a periodicity of three trains per week on days with higher frequency; on the line No 320, respective express trains are newly going from Třinec to Návsí, replacing connecting stop trains being in operation up to now. All trains newly pass through Třinec Station and stop only at the Třinec centrum stop.

A few more adaptations of the railway passenger regional transport timetable were adopted from which we excerpt the most important ones:

  • In South Bohemia Region, a pair of new trains 8161/8160 is introduced on Sundays during the summer holidays on the line No 194 in the section České Budějovice – Boršov nad Vltavou; time positions of some trains on the line No 197 in the section (Volary –) Černý Kříž – Nové Údolí or their leading in variants are being shifted. On the line No 220, the time position of the train 8216 is shifted in the section Veselí nad Lužnicí – Tábor so that it will ride approximately five minutes later.
  • In South Moravia Region, the time position for trains 4700, 4705, 4060, 4062 and 4094 is slightly shifted on the line No 260 in partial sections.
  • In Karlovy Vary Region, new trains 7044 (on working days) and 7046 (during weekends) were introduced on the line No 140 in the section Klášterec nad Ohří – Karlovy Vary. On the line No 142,  the train 17134 will ride newly every day in the section Karlovy Vary dolní nádraží – Nejdek; on the line No 145, the transport operator GW Train Regio cancels the trains 20837/20838 and the riding periods for selected trains in some sections are changed to daily. On the line No 147, an essential change in time positions of all trains occurs in connection with construction works on the territory of Germany; on the line No 161, the riding period for all trains in the section Krásný Jez – Horní Slavkov-Kounice was shortened only up to 30 August, the train 16708 leaves Lubenec 10 minutes later.
  • In Hradec Králové Region, routes of several trains (without time position changes) were separated on the lines No 021, 022 and 026 due to putting new DMUs Stadler into operation on selected routes within the region. On the line No 043, the train operator GW Train Regio changes the position of the train 25404 approximately by 30 minutes sooner.
  • In Liberec Region, rides were reduced for selected trains on the line No 036 in the section Kořenov – Harrachov, the transport operator GW Train Regio changes the position of the train 25464 approximately by 20 minutes later; on the line No 064, riding periods for selected trains in the section Lomnice nad Popelkou – Mladějov v Čechách were extended up to 25 October.
  • In Moravia-Silesia Region, trains 2955 and 2962 on the line No 320 will newly stop at Louky nad Olší; on the line No 321; time positions of several train routes are adapted by minutes due to the introduction of new trains 513/514 Praha – Opava – Praha.
  • In Olomouc Region, a change in riding periods occurs on the line No 270 for trains 3226, 3860, 3862 and on the line No 271 for trains 24702, 24703, 24710, 24711. On the line No 273, the timetable includes stopping for all trains at the newly built Červenka stop since the day of its opening; on the lines No 291 and 292, the riding period for trains 13007 and. 3618 was adapted.
  • In Pardubice Region, essential adaptations of trains’ leading occur on the line No 017 especially in the section Moravská Třebová – Dzbel including a change of their riding period. On the line No 019, a new pair of trains 12739/12738 is introduced in early morning hours; on the line No 024, the time position of the train 7145 is shifted in the section Dolní Lipka – Mlýnický Dvůr and during weekends, a new train 20558 is introduced as an alternative to the position of the train 20548 which will newly ride on working days only.
  • In Plzeň Region, the train 7606 on the line 160 will newly stop during weekends at Obora u Kaznějova stop. On the line No 180, the time position of trains 7400, 7401, 7402, 7403, 7405, 7407 and 7450 was adapted in order to reduce total journey times in the whole section Domažlice – Plzeň havní nádraží (Plzeň Main Station). In connection to these changes, the respective connection trains 24702, 24703, 24704 on the line No 181 and the train 17401 on the line No 182 were shifted as well; on the line No 184, the route of the train 7233 was adapted to ride 10 minutes later.
  • In Central Bohemia Region, the time position of the train 19502 on the line No 092 was adapted by minutes; on the lines 170 and 200, the riding period for trains 7880, 7940 and 7948 changed.
  • In Ústí nad Labem Region, fast trains 1692/1693 on the line No 130 were extended from Chomutov to Kadaň-Prunéřov and time positions were shifted for several trains, new trains were introduced in the section Most – Chomutov – Klášterec nad Ohří; the train 6821 newly stops at Želénky stop. In this connection, related adaptations were made on the line No 132 for respective connecting trains; on the line No133, this change concerns only the position of the train 16853. On the line No 134, a new train 16971 Litvínov – Teplice v Čechách was newly introduced.
  • In Zlín Region, riding periods were adapted on the line No 282 for the trains 13263 (newly rides on working days) and 13275 (newly rides during weekends).

On many lines not usually operated by carriers, summer seasonal operation is being introduced.

A copy of this change is at the customers’ disposal at passenger cash desks and in information centres of České dráhy free of charge after submitting a coupon that can be found in the 2015 book timetable. We recommend passengers to verify the current state of their train connection before starting their journey. All changes have been already published on the website or and can be found at the respective railway stations. More information can be acquired at passenger cash desks and in information centres of České dráhy or possibly from other railway transport operators.

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