Exceptional Change of Railway Passenger Transport Timetable


Správa železniční dopravní cesty prepared as of Monday 3 April an exceptional change of the 2017 railway passenger transport timetable on more than a dozen of lines. This occurred based on requests of carriers ČD, LEO Express and Arriva vlaky.

Within this change, new long-distance trains of the carrier ČD Rx 631 and Rx 632 are introduced in the season of summer in the line section Český Krumlov – Nové Údolí. It is a continuation of direct coaches from trains Ex 531 and. Ex 532 Praha – České Budějovice – Český Krumlov and back. Trains LE 1342, 1343, 1351, 1352, 1355, 1358, 1361 and 1362 of the carrier LEO Express operated on the line Praha – Bohumín/Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště have a newly updated running period. This applies also to trains AEx 1057 and 1058 of the carrier Arriva vlaky, operated on the line Praha – České Budějovice – Nová Pec. Trains AEx 1040 and 1042 of this carrier newly stop at  Kolín only for boarding off.

Based on a request of the carrier ČD and respective regions, several small modifications of railway regional passenger transport timetables were carried out:

  • In South Bohemia Region on lines No 194 and 197, small time modifications or running period occurred for trains 8105, 8108 and 8009, a new train 8171 was introduced as an alternative to the train 8105 in the section Černý Kříž – Nové Údolí. Alll these modifications are caused by changes in long-distance transport as mentioned above.
  • In South Moravia Rrgion on the line No 260, new trains 4773 Blansko (8:19) – Brno hlavní nádraží (8:45), 4774 Brno hlavní nádraží (18:16) – Rájec-Jestřebí (18:54) and 4775 Rájec-Jestřebí (19:06) – Brno hlavní nádraží. (19:45) were introduced on working days outside the period of school holidays. In this connection, a small time modification occurred for the train 4006 in the section Brno-Židenice – Rájec-Jestřebí. For connections at Skalice nad Svitavou in direction Boskovice, small time modifications occurred for trains Sp 1972 (newly runs through Brno-Židenice and Adamov zastávka), Sp 1974 (newly runs through Brno-Židenice), Sp 1976 (newly runs through Brno-Židenice and Adamov zastávka) and Os 4753 (newly runs through Doubravice nad Svitavou). On the line No 262, time modifications in range of minutes occurred for connections to trains 14711 and 14712 in the section Skalice nad Svitavou – Boskovice.  On the line No 340, the train 4785 Brno-Židenice – Brno-Slatina was cancelled In connection to introducing new trains on the line No 260.
  • In Ústí nad Labem Region on the line No 083, trains 5262 - 5271 have a newly updated running period from Dolního Žleb in direction to Germany due to a cancellation of the planned line closure on the German territory. In this connection, the exceptional closure train 21003 was cancelled as well.


Although this change has a minimal extent, we recommend passengers to verify their current train connection before starting their journey. All changes have been published on the website www.szdc.cz as well as at all respective railway stations. More information is available at passenger cash desks and in carriers’ information centres.


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