Exceptional Change of Passenger Rail Transport Services from 5 February


As of Monday, 5 February 2018, Správa železniční dopravní cesty prepared an exceptional change of timetable of passenger rail transport services in a total of seven lines. This occurred on the basis of ČD and GW Train Regio carriersapplications.

As part of this change, some minor adjustments of timetable of regional passenger rail transport services were made in the following regions:

  • In South Bohemia Region, the Train No. 8003 and 8018 will operate newly the Line No. 190 on a daily basis with time position of Train No. 7900, 8061, 8062 being changed further. Train No. 18122 will operate the Line No. 198 on weekdays and on Saturdays only with new Train No. 18124 being introduced on Sundays in time position 80 minutes earlier.
  • In Pardubice Region, the Train No. 7141 on the Line No. 024 stops newly at the stop of Jamné nad Orlicí.
  • In Zlín Region, the Train No. 13255 and 3221 will operate newly the Line No. 280 on a daily basis with the Train No. 3201 operating the line section Hranice na Moravě – Vsetín on weekdays. Train No. 4230 will operate the Line No. 330 in the section Hulín – Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště 1 to 2 minutes earlier. Train No. 4110 and 1734 on the Line No. 340 stops newly at the stop of Ostrožská Nová Ves lázně with minor time changes incurred. Train No. 14331 will operate the Line No. 341 newly on Saturdays only with new Train No. 14337 connected from Bojkovice being introduced on Sundays. Following the adjustments on the Line No. 340, the time positions of Train No. 4110 and 892 are amended with Train No. 1734 being introduced newly from Uherské Hradiště and Train No. 12257 and 12271 being introduced newly as well.

Even if this is a minimum change, we recommend passengers to check the actual status of their train connection prior to a journey at the above mentioned lines. All these changes are published on the website www.szdc.cz and at the relevant railway stations as well. Additional information can be obtained from the cashier′s office for passenger services and carriers′ information centres.


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