Exceptional timetable change as of 8 February 2016


Prague, 3 February 2016 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration prepared an exceptional change of the railway passenger transport timetable 2016 as of Monday 8 February on 10 railway lines and in the table for Special trains Praha – Křivoklát – Lužná u Rakovníka. These changes were requested by the carrier České dráhy, joint stock company.

As of the date mentioned above, IC 502, 503, 508 and 509 trains have their category changed to the SuperCity Pendolino category in long-distance-transport on the lines No 010 and 270. On the lines No 010, 270, 280, 330, 331, 340 and 341, the type of coach for passengers on wheelchairs changes to a coach not equipped with a lifting platform  for EC 126, 127, 128, 129, 220, 221 and IC 550, 551, 560 and 561 trains. Both these measures were already taken into account previously by a decree of České dráhy, joint stock company.

Based on a request of the national carrier and the respective regions, several more minor changes were also carried out in the regional railway passenger transport timetable:

•    In South Bohemia Region, the 8703 train is cancelled on the line No 199 in the section České Velenice – Borovany, time running changes occur for the 2154 train due to the extension of the 2181 train in a new time running from České Budějovice already in order to assure transport of students to České Velenice schools and a change of running days of the 2153 train occurs due to its alternate position towards the 2181 train. On the line No 226, the 8703 train has its new terminal at České Velenice Station due to adaptations of the line No 199

•    In Central Bohemia Region on the line No 223, changes of time running (minutes) occur for 26118 and 26120 trains in the section Štětkovice – Sedlčany caused by changes requested for freight trains as carried out by the carrier ČD Cargo on this line

•    In Zlín Region on the line No 341, a change occurs for connecting trains in Slovakia in the section Vlárský průsmyk – Trenčianska Teplá where current connections for 1727 and 4380 trains are going to run only up to 26 February. As of 4 March, these connections will be led with time adaptations from the 1727 train or newly to the 4382 train instead of the 4380 train

•    In the table for Special trains on the line Praha – Křivoklát – Lužná u Rakovníka as far as occasional nostalgic trains with a steam engine are concerned, the calendar of running days changes for the 7701 train as well as running time and days for the 7702 train. A new 7700 train is being introduced; it will run only on 6 August 2016.

Although this change has a minimal scope we recommend passengers to verify the current state of train connections for railway lines mentioned above before starting their journey. All changes are published on the website www.szdc.cz or www.cd.cz as well as at respective railway stations. Additional information can be acquired at passenger cash desks and information centres of České dráhy.



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