Railway Passenger Transport Reglar Change as of 10 June


Správa železniční dopravní cesty prepared as of Sunday 10 June a regular change of the railway passenger transport timetable 2018 for 85 lines on the rail network and other lines with nostalgic and tourist trains. This change occurred based on requests from carriers and regions.

The following important changes occur in long-distance transport within this timetable change:

  • On railway lines 010, 070, 080, 120, 170, 200, 220, 230 and 231, sections for validity of IDS PID documents are extended for trains of the carrier ČD; similarly on lines 170 and 183, sections for validity of IDS IDP documents are extended.
  • On the line 090, the EC 170 – 179, 378 and 379 trains of the carrier ČD operate in a new time position. They now leave the station Praha hlavní nádraží at even hours and 33 minutes, their arrival is set for odd hours and 24 minutes.
  • On the line 190, the train No 635 of the carrier ČD newly stops at Dívčice Station.
  • On the lines 250 and 330, the time position for trains No 816 and 817 of the carrier ČD is modified in the section Hodonín – Šakvice – Hodonín.
  • On the line 270, new trains No 402 and 403 of the carrier ČD to the Baltic coast Bohumín -  Łeba with connections to/from Praha are being introduced during the summer tourist season
  • On the lines 194 and 220, the trains No 1068 and 1069 Praha – Český Krumlov of the carrier ARRIVA vlaky were cancelled.
  • On the lines 198 and 203, trains No 1578 and 1579 of the carrier KŽC Doprava were shortened to/from Blatná.
  • On the line 270, trains No 1356 and 1361 of the carrier LEO Express Global will newly ride on selected days in the summer and pre-Christmas period up to/from Krakow.
  • Trains No 1031 and 1030 of the carrier RegioJet will newly ride in the section  Brno – Wien – Praha daily, the train No 1040 Brno – Praha will not ride on Sunday, the trains No 1048 and 1049 Bratislava – Praha – Bratislava will ride only since 2 September.

In regional public transport, many changes in train rides were carried out, mostly aiming to strengthen and improve transport services. The exception is Pardubice Region where partial reductions occur on lines 015, 016, 017 and 024. On the contrary, no changes occur in Liberec Region and Zlín Region, Vysočina Region and the capital city of Prague. From the integrated transport systems’ point of view, IDS PID is being extended practically to the whole area of Central Bohemia Region and IDS IDP to the whole area of of Plzeň Region.

The change includes also adding many new trains introduced for one-shot events of cultural, social and tourist importance.

Due to the total extent it is not possible to specify all changes in every region. Therefore we recommend passengers to check the actual status of their train connection prior to a journey at the above mentioned lines, at best in internet browsers. All these changes are published on the website www.szdc.cz and at the relevant railway stations as well. Additional information can be obtained from the cashier′s offices and information centres of České dráhy and at contact points of other railway carriers.


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