Numbering of level crossings saves human lives


Prague, 23/08/2010 – It´s been a year since the system for numbering level crossings was launched by the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) as the operator of national and regional rail owned by the state. Other operators of the regional rail and most operators of siding tracks have also adopted this numbering system.

The system operates on the following principle: every level crossing is allocated a unique number with assigned geographic coordinates. After reporting an impending danger by anybody to phone line 112 and subsequent specification of the level crossing number to the operator of the Integrated Rescue System of CR, he is able to identify the location of the level crossing and to take measures to save human lives and to prevent impending danger.

In the period from 1st July 2009 till 1st August 2010, road users were given the chance to indicate a level crossing number in 289 cases and the timely reporting of an obstacle in the trackage directly prevented a collision between the train and the obstacle in 122 cases.

It is an unequivocal fact that the implemented system of the level crossing numbering in the Czech Republic has proved to be successful and contributes to the enhancement of operation safety on rail and road.

SŽDC takes other measures to enhance safety at level crossings. Since mid-2010, the so-called Common inspections of level crossings have been performed, in attendance of the road owner, the railway infrastructure owner and the Police CR. The goal of these Common inspections is to find and to agree on such on-the-spot modifications which will enhance the visibility at level crossings for road users and will alert when something is approaching. Common inspections should contribute to the enhancement of safety of road and railway operation and to the decrease in accidents.

This event´s slogan is: „Safety at level crossings is not just the railway business – it is also the road owner´s business“.

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