SŽDC ensures the restoration of safe rail operation as soon as possible


Prague, 16/06/2011 – the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization, as the operator of the state-owned railway network is going to check all important lines prior to the strike termination. On all national lines (corridor as well as non-corridor), inspection runs will be carried out, in order to ensure safe launch of the operation, three hours prior to the planned strike termination until the first train departs.

The inspection runs will be carried out on operating guided vehicles – Cars for overhead line work (MVTV) and Maintenance cars (MUV). The checks will be carried out until the first passenger train departs on the specific line. As a priority, SŽDC will focus on national corridor and other national railway network; if time allows it, the regional railway network will be included as well. This might be checked during the inspection run of the first train departing after the strike. The functions of all signalling installations at level crossings will be thoroughly checked as well.  

With a view to restoring safe rail operation as soon as possible, the emergency service will be reinforced on regional SŽDC´s workplaces. In case of the detection of possible defects in connection with the closure of the line, this emergency service will immediately deal with such defects. The restoration cost after the strike are projected for CZK 5 million.

During the strike, the tracks under SŽDC´s administration will be maintained and repaired where the operation of the guided vehicles is not required.  A large number of planned repairs within track possessions have successfully started.  

The construction work on the corridors proceeds to a limited extent on excluded tracks and with other procedures which do not require rail operation.


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