Environmental protection in terms of SŽDC

The environment may be defined by many ways, e.g. as a complex of all external conditions, both biotic and abiotic ones, surrounding an individual, population or other living systems of a higher order to provide them with all factors necessary for natural living and they form a complex, integrated and dynamic two-way system being a prerequisite for further evolution of all organisms. A human being is part of both the natural and cultural (artificial) eco-systems and unable to live without them.

Environmental pollution is the result of systematic or ill-considered activity of human beings. It includes any introduction of extraneous, physical, chemical or biological substances and factors, disruption of natural biotopes and reduction of biodiversity leading to a destabilization of eco-systems. Unfortunately, the activities that pose a threat to environment also include transport with railway transport being rightly considered a mean of sustainable mobility. Even here, however, there is a number of problems related to environmental issues.

Environmental protection is one of the basic conditions of existence of the human society; it is a systematic activity regulated by bilateral and multilateral international agreements, and legal regulations of individual states. The European Community attaches a primary importance to this issue, and it guides the environmental protection by mean of a comprehensive system of legal regulations.

The main directions of SŽDC in the area of environmental protection include in particular the following:

  • Fulfil legal obligations in the area of the different components of environment
  • Eliminate continuously the past environmental impact of the railway and reduce the environmental burdens of existing sources of pollution to include such issues as remediation of leakage of hazardous material in the environment, old noise burdens
  • Focus on the environmental protection with the projects under preparation in the area of railway infrastructure

SŽDC pays due attention to all components of environment to avoid the threat or damage to be caused by operation to the environment or public health. The progressive change of heating units at the boiler houses being the air pollution source, the waste production restriction emphasising the increase of recycling share and the implementation of noise insulation measures in the railway infrastructure modernization may be specified as specific outputs of our activity.

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