Provision of environmental agenda at the SŽDC Headquarters

An independent Environment Department consists of 6 staff members with each of them being responsible for a specific component of environment, thus acting as its administrator for environmentalists - water managers of the SŽDC organizational units managed methodically by her/him.

Basic overview of specific environmental agenda at the SŽDC Headquarters

  • Assesses comprehensively the environmental impact of railway transport including the preparation of opinions on railway infrastructure projects of modernization or optimization
  • Issues methodical measures providing for obligations that result from legal regulations in the area of environment
  • Acts on behalf of SŽDC in the negotiations and procedures with administrative authorities of central character, i.e. the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, Head Office of Czech Environmental Inspection and with other state administrative authorities and in addition within the international co-operation (UIC – Environment, Energy and Sustainability Platform)
  • Provides, supports methodically and pursues control activity in specific areas of environmental protection:
    • Waste management including the PCB issue, air protection, water management, nature and countryside protection, public health protection (noise and vibration issues)
  • Provision of selected functions based on the principle of their centralization:
    • Accredited measurement of stationary sources of air pollution
    • Disposal of hazardous waste, oil register with possible presence of PCB
    • Drinking, waste and technological water monitoring
    • Rehabilitation of old environmental burdens including soil analysis
    • Mapping environmental burdens continuously and reducing them subsequently following the funding possibilities from the Structural Funds
  • Software provision and update to maintain the environmental agenda including periodical training: EisProW SW for the areas of waste management and air protection
  • Addressing the environmental consequences of accidents
  • Keeping environmental accounts specifying precisely particular environmental costs and reporting
  • Introduction, maintenance and administration of environmental management systems (ČSN EU ISO 14000 series) – civil engineering administrations, Liberec Railway Infrastructure Administration

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