Providing operability

Providing rail operability lies in long-term and complex sustaining a safe and high-capacity railway infrastructure. It comprises both its own constructional infrastructure objects (superstructure, substructure, etc.) and technological objects of communication and signalling device and electrical and power-supply facilities.

A part of continuous regime of providing operability represents among others following selected activities:

  • administrative, supervisory and control function laid down by valid acts, operating regulations to acts, standards and SŽDC internal regulations
  • planning and providing maintenance and repair
  • operative, technical solution of emergencies
  • providing rail operability in winter
  • ensuring safety at level crossings
  • collecting, registering and updating of data in SŽDC information systems


Activities associated with providing operability are in terms of their frequency and occurrence carried out in different regime. Normally, we can distinguish activities performed periodically, activities planned according to needs and activities performed in an operative way.

It is necessary to plan and to coordinate respective activities in such a way to avoid any negative impacts on the smoothness of the railway transport and rail operation.

A number of tasks of administrative and control nature are conducted without interrupting the rail operation and therefore there are high demands on the personnel performing this function, mainly from the perspective of work safety.

Activities related to maintenance and repair often require restrictions on rail operation. Such activities are then conducted during the so-called closure-of-traffic time.

When providing rail operability, sometimes contingencies cannot be avoided. In order to avoid such cases or to handle them in an operative way, there is a daily analysis of the conditions of infrastructure operation.

A special emphasis is put on providing operability in winter when it is required to ensure passable lines during heavy snow fall and at temperatures below zero.

Procedures related to providing operability are in SŽDC terms modified by a number of internal documents and regulations which aim to integrate procedures and work organization, to set a uniform level of infrastructure parameters both in terms of comfort for passengers, in terms of economy of train sets travel and mainly in terms of providing railway transport safety.

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