Czech-Slovak Rail Freight Corridor – RFC 9 (CS CORRIDOR)


Legislation and regulations 

Framework for capacity allocation (English)

In accordance to Article 14 of Regulation (EU) no. 913/2010 and in accordance with Directive (EC) no. 14/2001, RFC9 Executive Board defines a framework for the allocation of infrastructure capacity in the freight corridor.

Corridor information document (CID)

Services of infrastructure managers are published in the national network statements. For corridor purposes the Management Board elaborates a document called Corridor Information Document (CID). It is composed by five books:

Pre-arranged paths (Paps)

There is a list of international pre-arranged paths on the RFC 9 corridor displayed at this document. The Paps may be requested by any customer at C-OSS. The rules for the allocation of international pre-arranged path are listed in the Corridor Information Document (CID). For detailed information please contact C-OSS or Path Coordination System (PCS) at the RNE website address:

Satisfaction Survey

Train Performance Management Report

Network Statements

Advisory Groups of Railway undertakings (RAG) and Terminals (TAG)

Report of the Results of the Implementation of RFC 9

Other Documents 

RFC Network Documents



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