Level crossing numbering

One of the priorities of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (hereinafter referred to as SŽDC) is to enhance the safety on level crossings. In this context, a system of level crossing numbering has been designed; this will result in simple, uniform and unique identification. The implementation of this system of level crossing numbering – if need be (in case of an accident/obstacle on the level crossing etc.) - creates conditions  to close the traffic in the respective track section, based on the provided information concerning the possible obstacle. The system has been in operation since Saturday, August 1, 2009.

The newly-implemented system is uniform for level crossings that are situated on:

  • the national and regional rail owned by the state,
  • regional rails that are not owned by the state
  • industrial tracks

The level crossings on industrial tracks in closed areas are not numbered. Level crossings in railway stations which are not equipped with a warning cross are not numbered either.

Level crossing numbering

All level crossings on the national and regional rail owned by the state have their allocated numbers. As for a level crossing situated on the state-owned rail, the form of the numerical identification is P1, P2, P3 to P9000. If a level crossing is located on a regional rail not owned by the state, the form of the allocated identification is P9001 to P9999. If a level crossing is located on an industrial track, the form of the identification is P10000 to P99999, i.e. five-digit number.

Positioning of the number

The number is unique and not interchangeable. The crossing number is written in black alphanumeric characters on a white adhesive reflective foil which is applied at:

  • level crossings equipped only with the warning cross or the mechanical level crossing safety installation on the back of each warning cross
  • level crossings equipped with flashing light crossing signals without gates or with gates on the back of the signal and on all level crossing road signals


SŽDC is in charge of the central records of the requested information on level crossings. Individual rail owners provide adhesive foils in a prescribed form and colour version and they are also responsible for the correct position of the number on a prescribed spot or for replacing and supplementing adhesive foils with allocated numbers. Individual rail owners are responsible for data accuracy and their timely update which must be announced immediately after effected changes to SŽDC´s Headquarters following specific instructions.

Instructions to stop the railway traffic on a level crossing if necessary

  1. the person who discovers the urgency to stop the railway traffic (e.g. a driver whose car got stuck on the level crossing), dials one of the emergency lines 112 or 150
  2. the operator of the rescue system asks the caller to specify the level crossing number
  3. the assistant of the integrated rescue system calls the train dispatcher (traffic controller) and communicates the request for closure of the line

the train dispatcher (traffic controller) identifies the relevant level crossing and the track section and takes safety precautions


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