The Year 2020 Will Present a High Pace for Správa železnic in Reconstructing Lines, Station Buildings and HSL Preparation

This year, Správa železnic accelerates preparation of dozens of investments. More dozens of projects will enter their implementation phase. The high-speed lines’ pilot sections project and station buildings’ reconstruction keep going intensely as well. More specific diagnostics and static assessment of railway bridges will be completed. Safety at railway crossings is also one of our priorities.

This year, Správa železnic expects the implementation of more than 75 investments with costs exceeding CZK 30 million. ”Preparation of more important investments is successfully under way. From these, we can enumerate e.g. construction for the railway service Prague, Václav Havel Airport and Kladno project where we have already reached the stage of preparing documentation for a building permit in some cases“, says Mr. Jiří Svoboda, Director General of Správa železnic and adds: ”The expected modernization of Pardubice Junction or reconstruction of Vsetín Station are going to be implemented; the first investments financed from the Blending Call instrument will be launched as well“.

The most important investments with expected implementation launch in 2020

The first two constructions financed from the newly outlined EU instrument designated as Blending Call which combines a contribution from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and a loan from the European Investment Bank are in the phase of supplier selection. More specifically, this will concern reconstruction of line sections Velim – Poříčany and Dětmarovice – Petrovice u Karviné – state border with Poland. Construction works as such should start this spring already. In 2020, Správa železnic will put into operation 48.9 km of modernized lines and launch constructions on 106.8 km of lines. Thanks to stations’ modernization, the number of railway stations, stops and passenger buildings accessible for impaired persons will increase.

Station buildings, completing access and barrier-free accessibility of railway stations:

•        Passenger building reconstruction at České Budějovice

•        Passenger building reconstruction at Plzeň hlavní nádraží

•        Passenger building reconstruction at Beroun

•        Passenger building reconstruction at Veselí nad Lužnicí

•        Passenger building reconstruction at Písek

•        Passenger building reconstruction at Tábor

•        Extending underpasses at Praha hlavní nádraží (Prague Main Station)

•        Reconstruction of platforms and ensuring barrier-free access at Roudnice nad Labem

•        Ensuring barrier-free access to platform at Kolín

•        Reconstruction of platforms and ensuring barrier-free access at Lovosice

•        Ensuring barrier-free access to platform at Roztoky u Prahy


Complete reconstructions of line sections and railway stations:

•        Velim  - Poříčany, BC

•        Ústí nad Orlicí – Brandýs nad Orlicí – original path, BC

•        Dětmarovice – Petrovice u K. – state border with Poland, BC

•        Optimization of line section Mstětice (excepted) – Praha-Vysočany (included)

•        Line electrification including pre-electrification adaptations Brno - Zastávka u Brna, 1st stage

•        Reconstruction of line section Křižanov – Sklené nad Oslavou

•        Reconstruction Sklené nad Oslavou

•        Track adaptations at Žďár nad Sázavou

•        Modernization of Pardubice railway junction

•        Reconstruction of station Vsetín

•        Reconstruction of station Bohosudov

•        Bridge reconstruction in km 41.791 of line Tábor – Písek


Technological constructions:

•        GSM-R Pardubice - Hradec Králové – Jaroměř

•        GSM–R Ústí nad Labem – Chomutov

•        GSM–R Chomutov – Cheb

•        Increasing traction output of Rostoklaty traction substation

•        Completing GSM-R base radio stations with redundant feeding

•        ETCS Beroun – Plzeň

HSL Pre-project Preparation Will Continue

Správa železnic will move further in HSL territorial and pre-project preparation in 2020. The Prague – Brno – Ostrava branch feasibility studies will be completed. The procedure of updating Principles for territorial development of individual regions will continue to allow acquiring a territorial decision; elaboration of documentation for territorial decisions for the first HSL sections will be launched as well. A tender for preparing documentation for a territorial decision concerning the first section Praha-Běchovice – Poříčany is currently under way; the sections Přerov – Ostrava and Modřice – Vranovice will be added at minimum.

During pre-project preparation, results of cooperation of Správa železnic with SNCF will be used in full, i.e. the so-called Manual of Správa železnic for preparing HSL projects in the stage of documentation for territorial proceedings. High-speed lines in the Czech Republic will thus be designed for speeds up to 320 kph. Cooperation of Správa železnic with DB Netz in project preparation for the cross-border tunnel at Krušné hory (Ore Mountains) will commence in full. Public orders related to implementation of this big common European project of both infrastructure managers will be tendered jointly.

Increasing safety at railway crossings

Increasing railway operation safety and an even better safeguarding of railway crossings remains one of the main priorities also in 2020. Camera systems at 14 selected railway crossings are going to be completed by software for detecting road trespassing and their handing over to the Czech police. At the same time, Správa železnic will start preparing implementation of camera systems with road trespassing detection at 16 more selected crossings. In the field of signalling technology, Správa železnic will continue verifying further possibilities for increasing operation safety at railway crossings. Testing operation will start also on aluminium barrier beams. 

More specific diagnostics and static assessment of railway bridges will be completed, especially in the programme for diagnostics and conversion of bridges with pre-stressed superstructure. However, special diagnostics and possibly static conversion will be applied to other bridges as well.

In connection to ETCS implementation, Správa železnic will open a tender for completing selected special hauling vehicles by the ETCS system mobile part. Following that, ETCS construction will be implemented. In 2020, a supplier should be selected and construction of six new special hauling vehicles for catenary maintenance should be launched. Operational testing of switch points for a speed of 160 kph to a branch at Prosenice Station will also be launched.

In 2020, an accelerated rate of complex repairs’ implementation will continue, both on nation-wide and on regional lines. They have as objective to eliminate current speed drops and to prevent slow rides’ occurrence. The most important ones are the following:

•        Repair of section Přerov – Chropyně

•        Repair of line in section Rakovník – Domoušice

•        Repair of catenary in section Praha-Vršovice osobní nádraží (excluded) – Praha-Vršovice seřaďovací nádraží (Marshalling Yard - excluded) – Praha-Krč (excluded) – Praha-Radotín (excluded)

•        Repair of section Petrohrad – Kryry (launched in 2019)


Due to the cyclical maintenance concept approval, implementation of cyclic renewal pilot projects on Czech Rail Transit Corridor I in the section Děčín-Prostřední Žleb – Dolní Žleb – state border with Germany will be launched in 2020.

Connecting more sections to Traffic Control Centres in Prague and Přerov

Správa železnic prepares connecting more line sections to remote control from the Traffic Control Centres. In 2020, control of the Plzeň junction and the section Ústí nad Orlicí (excluded) – Lichkov will be connected to the Traffic Control Centre Prague. The section Dětmatovice (excluded) – Mosty u Jablunkova control is going to be connected to the Traffic Control Centre in Přerov. 

In the field of Track Condition Tables, Správa železnic will launch in February testing operation in a new format on selected lines. Normal operation launch is scheduled for the second half of this year.

Planning and coordination of closure activities will continue with the last year model of negotiating closure activities while emphasizing active participation of carriers, focused especially on large extent closure activities such as Blending Call type investments as well as for preparation of the annual closure plan. Representatives of Správa železnic will be meeting passenger and freight carriers in regular quarterly intervals.


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