Trains will Accelerate Not only while passing through the Dluhonice Overtaking Station

Správa železnic continues reconstructing the Přerov junction. After a complex reconstruction of the railway station as such, the overtaking station Dluhonice nearby and adjoining sections between stations have their turn now. The completion of construction works at the end of next year will allow faster train rides both in direction from Prague to Ostrava and to central Moravia as well as on Czech Rail Transit Corridor II which connects southern and northern Moravia. All railway crossings will be closed and replaced by a road overpass and footbridges for pedestrians. Total investment costs amount almost to CZK 3.8 billion.

The construction is related to the already completed modernization of line sections from Přerov to Hranice na Moravě and to Olomouc as well as to the completed Phase No 1 of the Přerov junction. Now it is the turn for the so-called triangle on which the Dluhonice overtaking station is also situated. Besides travelling comfort improvement, line speed will also increase with a corresponding decrease of journey times. The Dluhonice branch line connection will also improve to correspond to current right-hand operation”, says Mr. Jiří Svoboda, Director General of Správa železnic.

The construction will include a rebuilding of the railway superstructure and substructure as well as railway bridges and culverts. Electrical installation will be adapted in a necessary extent including lighting of the Dluhonice overtaking station. Works will also concern signalling and safety equipment and the catenary.

The line from Břeclav to Bohumín was the last one on the Czech rail network with left-hand train operation. After transferring to right-hand operation at the end of 2012, trains at Dluhonice overtaking station running directly from Přerov to Česká Třebová “collide” with those using the Dluhonice connecting branch, i.e. a branching line Dluhonice – Prosenice. The construction has therefore as objective to create conditions for a possibility of a grade-separated junction for trains Its own technical solution will be the objective of the Přerov junction reconstruction’s third phase.

The concept of trackage at the Dluhonice overtaking station is based on two joint double-track sections, from Přerov and from Prosenice while preserving their direct continuation by four main running tracks. Arrivals and departures at the track development to Přerov to all directions will be thus assured simultaneously. In its suggested state, the overtaking station will have seven running tracks altogether; speed of trains running directly will increase up to 130 kph. The project also includes a reconstruction of both tracks between Přerov and Prosenice. After the works’ completion, line speed will increase here and in other sections between stations up to 160 kph.

During the construction, a new road overpass and two footbridges for pedestrians will be built on the site of the closed railway crossings. A road will be relocated for accessing the overpass. A road overpass will be also reconstructed and newly located; modifications will be carried out on two existing road overpasses. Anti-noise barriers will also be built to decrease the noise level on the territory of Přerov considerably including its local part Dluhonice. 

New signalling and safety equipment will be located in a new technological building at Dluhonice which will replace the current service building. The overtaking station will be newly controlled remotely from the Traffic Control Centre Přerov.

Total costs of the investment designated as Reconstruction of Přerov railway station, 2nd construction equal a sum of CZK 3,792,404,074 (VAT excluded). The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Connecting Europe Facility programme (CEF). National financing is assured by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The construction supplier is the company Společnost Přerov, consisting of the firms EUROVIA CS, Subterra, STRABAG Rail and GJW Praha.


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