Press releases

Railway Transport Restrictions Affect Long-Distance and Regional Trains
Based on the Governments decision, all cross-border and long distance international railway transport of passengers was stopped as of Saturday 14 March. As of Friday 20 March and Saturday 21 March, a reduction of domestic long-distance transport ordered by the State started taking place; some commercial trains dispatched by individual carriers also stopped running.
Electrification of Line Brno – Střelice Draws Near
In several weeks already, the first stage of the long awaited electrification of the line from Brno to Zastávka u Brna could start. Správa železnic already acquired a building permit for the first section from Brno to Střelice and is choosing a supplier of construction works. The project’s objective is a reconstruction and electrification of asection approximately ten kilometres long from Brna-Horní Heršpice to Střelice. Line speed will increase up to 120 kph, passengers will have two new stops at their disposal. Total investment costs of the construction exceed CZK two billion, works should last 21 months. During the second stage, a second track will be added to the connecting section from Střelice to Zastávka u Brna and it will be electrified.
Správa železnic called a Tender for Beroun Passenger Building Reconstruction
Správa železnic called a tender for a supplier to reconstruct the passenger building in Beroun. The estimated price for modernizing a complex of three connected buildings – the departure hall, the administration building and operational premises is CZK 244.6 million. This is the second tender called by Správa železnic within this project.
Správa železnic Prepares Reconstruction of Pardubice Station Building
Správa železnic negotiated successfully in the Central Committee of the Ministry of Transport its most ambitious investment intent up to now for a station building renovation, namely a reconstruction of a listed passenger building in Pardubice. Due to high demands for historical protection, estimated investment costs were calculated to a sum of CZK 1.72 billion. Reconstruction of the passenger building takes up a previously approved modernization of the Pardubice railway junction and a completed investment of the city which built a multimodal junction for public transport at the station’s foreground. The passenger building will thus become once again an important and dignified central point of the whole locality.
Správa železnic will Modernize the Railway Line from Sokolov to Cheb
Správa železnic advanced in further preparation of reconstructing the line 140 in its part from Sokolov to Cheb. Works were divided into three separate investments; this week, public tenders were called for all of them to elaborate documentation for a territorial decision, including preparation of the EIA Announcement. The implementation of works is expected for 2024 - 2029.
Správa železnic Prepares Reconstruction of Further Station Buildings
From the beginning of this year, Správa železnic has been discussing within the Central Committee of the Ministry of Transport eight proposals for station buildings reconstructions for a price of almost CZK 376 million. The Central Committee assessed each of the project intents and gave green light to their implementation. Passengers can thus look forward not only to better travelling comfort and a new background while waiting for their train connection but also to a more pleasant environment, barrier-free access to the station or new parking places.
Due to coronavirus infection spreading, any cross-border and long-distance international passenger railway transport is stopped as of Saturday 14 March
Dear passengers, in relation to the Government’s Resolution from 12 March 2020 by which the Government pursuant to Art. 5 and 6 of Constitutional Act No 110/1998 Coll., on Safety of the Czech Republic announced a state of emergency for the territory of the Czech Republic for reason of danger to health in connection to a confirmed occurrence of coronavirus /designated as SARS CoV-2/ on the territory of the Czech Republic and pursuant to Art. 5 letter a) - d) and Art. 6 of Act No 240/2000 Coll., on crisis proceedings and amendment of some Acts (Crisis Act) as amended, decided to deal with a crisis situation and to adopt measures of crisis. Thus, pursuant to the provisions of Art. 6 paragraph 1 letter b) of the Crisis Act
Správa železnic looking for Supplier for Further Plzeň Junction Reconstruction Stage
Správa železnic will continue reconstructing the Plzeň railway junction. During these days, it opened a tender for reconstruction of a line section almost four kilometres long between the Lobzy part of Plzeň main station and Koterov station which will no longer serve passenger transport when works are complete. It will be replaced by a newly built railway stop Plzeň-Slovany. Speed of trains will increase from the current 100 kph up to 120 kph.
Správa železnic will Repair a Bridge on the Line Rumburk - Sebnitz
At the end of February, Správa železnic signed a contract with the supplier of a complete reconstruction of a bridge over Karolína Valley in the village Vilémov u Šluknova on the railway line Rumburk – Sebnitz. The reconstruction will ensure keeping this cross-border line rideable in required parameters. This investment for a price of approximately CZK 217 million will be implemented by the company Společnost – most přes Karolinino údolí, consisting of the firms FIRESTA-Fišer, rekonstrukce, stavby and Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice.
Správa železnic signed Today a Common Declaration to the New Line Dresden – Prague
Mr. Jiří Svoboda, Director General of Správa železnic, signed today in Dresden a common Czech-German declaration on cooperation and support in planning a new railway construction Dresden – Prague. The other signatories of this document are the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, Deutsche Bahn and the Free State of Saxony.