Press releases

SŽDC Launches an Interactive Map of Constructions
As of this day, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) has a new interactive map of constructions on the Czech railway network. It is available on the SŽDC website homepage and offers an overview of unfinished or prepared constructions embedded. It will be gradually extended with the growing number of projects in preparation.
Preliminary Market Consultation to Elaborate Feasibility Study for Railway Junction Praha
Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) considers infrastructure modernization together with development of its conventional railway network as well as Rapid Service (RS) as one of its top priorities. Due to the current state of the railway junction Praha (RJP) and the need of verifying its possible development for purposes of handling prospective transport demand both in passenger and in freight transport, SŽDC prepares a tender Feasibility study for RJP including RS which will also include a preliminary market consultation planned for 8 October 2019.
Corridors near Praha Underwent Repairs
During past months, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) carried out repairs on several corridor lines in Praha and Central Bohemia. Works were going on in the section Poříčany – Praha-Libeň, Praha – Vraňany and lastly between Praha-Hostivař and Votice.
Repairs of Passenger Building at České Budějovice Will Start Next Year
The planned reconstruction of the passenger building at České Budějovice Station is near its implementation. The Central Committee of the Ministry of Transport already approved the project intent. SŽDC will open a tender for a supplier up to the end of the year, construction works will start during 2020. Extensive repairs and modernization of the listed building dating from 1908 will cost CZK 585 million.
SŽDC Presented Current State of Preparation for Praha – Brno – Ostrava High-Speed Line
One of the main priorities of Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) in the field of building railway infrastructure is ensuring the implementation of the governmental Programme of Railway Rapid Service Development in the Czech Republic. A necessary prerequisite for successful preparation and implementation is intense cooperation of all components of state administration represented by the Ministry of Transport, SŽDC and regional as well as local administration authorities. That is why the infrastructure manager prepared for this year a project of presentation meetings “Current state of HSL preparation in the Czech Republic”. The project continued today by a meeting in Jihlava.
SŽDC Closes Railway Crossings Especially on Service Roads
One of the possibilities how to increase railway operation safety is closing level crossings of roads with the railway. Although the administrative procedure is rather complicated, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) was able to decrease since its creation in 2003 up to the end of last year the number of crossings on its network by 727. Currently it registers 7,847 railway crossings.
Mezno Tunnel Boring Launched
Modernization of the line Sudoměřice – Votice on Czech Rail Transit Corridor IV continues successfully. Today, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) festively launched boring another of the two tunnels in construction – Mezno Tunnel. Its construction will allow decreasing journey times of trains running from our capital city to the south of Bohemia.
Preliminary Market Consultation to Elaborate Documentation for HSL Praha-Běchovice – Poříčany Territorial Proceedings
Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) considers preparation of a high-speed line network construction in the Czech Republic as one of its current top priorities. Due to the current phase of project preparation, it is implementing a tender for elaborating documentation for a new high-speed line (HSL) Praha-Běchovice – Poříčany territorial proceedings. The tender will also include a so-called preliminary market consultation planned for 30 September.
Trains Will Runs at Speeds of 160 kph between Uničov and Olomouc
The investment launched festively today by Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) in Šternberk will bring unrivalled journey times trains between Uničov and Olomouc. This will be allowed by electrification of a section almost 30 kilometres long together with a speed increase up to 160 kph. The completion of the construction with total costs amounting almost to CZK 4.8 billion is expected in 2022.
Dozens of Bridges from Prestressed Concrete Will Undergo Detailed Diagnostics
Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) continues checking bridges from prestressed concrete. The checks started in the final quarter of last year after the collapsing of bridge constructions both in Europe and in the Czech Republic. 167 bridges with prestressed decks on the SŽDC network, 63 from these were selected for more detailed diagnostics.